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  • What’s New in EBR land?

    What’s New in EBR land?

    June 22, 2015

    The July monthly meeting is cancelled.  We are having our annual beach party, picnic and meeting on July 26th.  See the calendar for details.

    A new (free) off-road mapping Application for you to try.  


    My name is James Haire and I wanted to let you and your members know about a new app that my brothers and I have launched called TrailConnect Off-Road GPS. It is a free off-road GPS Mapping/Tracking app designed by off-roaders for off-roaders. Check it out and let us know what you think!  An Android version should be in the works soon, but for your iOS using members it is a great free tool.

    [If any of you use this app, please post your comments in the Forum section of this web site!]

    EBL/EBR MEETING LOCATION CHANGE! - We have moved our monthly (usually) meeting to a very nice Carl’s Jr in Poway CA.  All are welcome to join in.  See the UPCOMING EVENTS – CALENDAR for details.

    BRONCO DAZE will be held in and around Borrego Springs CA on November 13-15, 2015.  Registration should be open during July.  Let us know if your club is having an event this year and we will post it.  Email the details to

    Is there a 2016 Bronco in your future?  If you like the looks of this concept as a future Bronco, check out our recent posts.  One of them talks about bubbling current rumors.  Nothing official you understand, but more buzz than we have heard in some time.  The latest news is NO 2016 Bronco, but the talk has shifted to a 2017 Bronco.  Do you believe it?  It would be nice if Ford were really on the hunt!

    2016 Bronco - Nov14

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A brief history of EBR

The Early Bronco Registry has it’s roots way back in 1981 with the founding of the Early Broncos Ltd. (EBL), the first Early Bronco club in the nation.  The EBL still operates in the San Diego CA area as an Early Bronco club.  Anyone living in that area is welcome to come to a monthly meeting (see the calendar on this site) visit with us and see if the EBL is an organization you would like to join.  Over the following years, the EBL became well known in the Bronco community.  So many folks contacted us with Bronco questions that individual responses became too much to deal with.  Consequently, the EBL officers created the Early Bronco Registry (EBR) in 1991 as a national Early Bronco Association that provided members with a regular newsletter called Horsing Around to share Bronco help. Horsing Around continues today as a feature section in Bronco Driver Magazine.  Today, in the internet age, we share Bronco information with this web site – your web site!  If you register here, you will become part of the Early Bronco magic by posting or reading questions, answers and discussions. Welcome!

Both the EBL and EBR are dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the 1966-77 Ford “Early” Bronco.  Join either one.  After all, YOU are the EBL and the EBR!

NOTE:  Everyone – including previous EBR members – MUST establish a new login Name and Password for this site using the link below.

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